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My First Car - A Lesson in Good Parenting

My parents did a clever thing to me when I was a teenager as a parenting technique.  Even though I had part-time job as a cook at Kentucky Fried Chicken (wasn't called KFC back then), they would not let me buy a car (what I really wanted was an IROC-Z).  Instead, they provided me with a car, paid for the insurance, and held the car hostage.

7th Grade Gym Class & My Pro Wings

I wasn't much for fashion back in mid 80's.  I was born in 72, so by the time the 7th grade rolled around, parachute pants and leg warmers were in full swing.  I had just made the transition from grade school to junior high (6th grade was still grade school back then in the Midwest), and almost overnight, I had to start worrying about the clothes on my back and the shoes on my feet.

Why create a website about the 1980's?

As the creator of, I have to remind myself from time to time why I put the website together.  I suppose it stems from being nostalgic about the 1980’s.  I was your typical teenager back then.  My plan was to grow up and become a hair metal rock star, but the closest I got was playing a gig at a girl named Holly’s 13th birthday party for my share of $100. 

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